How Does Sugar Help With Weight Loss?


You may have heard an innumerable number of times that sugar sabotages your weight loss plans and can make your body vulnerable to a plethora of deadly diseases. So you might have been shunning them. While it is indeed true that sugar can have a devastating impact on your health, did you know that there is one type of sugar that is actually good for you? 

Mannose- the Wonder Sugar

Mannose is a fruit-based sugar and is present in berries. It is very effective in reducing belly fat. This is because there is a link between gut bacteria and this sugar, and gut bacteria decides whether we put on belly fat or not. In fact, any food we consume has an effect on the activities of these bacteria. Belly fat is dangerous and by default, our gut bacteria do not allow fat to deposit in our tummies. But unhealthy foods inhibit this ability.

To understand the link between Mannose and gut bacteria, you need to take a look at the experiment scientists conducted to correlate the two.

Experiments were conducted on mice to see how mannose affects gut bacteria and metabolism.

 The mice were split into the following groups-

  • Mice that were sustained on a high-fat diet and not given any mannose
  • Mice who were given a high-calorie diet with plenty of mannose

The conclusion – they observed that the mice that were fed mannose were leaner and healthier than those deprived of mannose. 

What This Means for Us –

The experiment led scientists to believe that when humans to are on a high-fat diet packed with mannose, they tend to be leaner than those who consume fatty foods and no mannose. They will not be just leaner but also less resistant to insulin. Insulin resistance causes type 2 diabetes. 

But if you stop eating mannose, you will rapidly gain weight and the composition of your gut bacteria will change to resemble that of people bingeing on high-fat foods with no mannose.

Another startling conclusion is that people who consume mannose produce more faecal matter, which means their bodies do not absorb as many calories as opposed to those who do not ingest much mannose.          

Mannose Can Rnd Obesity –

The experiments on mice convinced scientists that mannose may hold the key to vanquishing obesity. At the same time, mannose can also protect you from those ailments that spring from obesity such as high blood sugar, diabetes, cardiac illnesses, liver disorders etc.

That is why you should introduce mannose to your diet. Fruits like black currants, gooseberries, cranberries, tomatoes, blueberries, red currants, oranges, peaches and apples are loaded with mannose.

Staying fit can be quite a challenge. If you want to lose weight and stay in shape, you need all the help that you can get. So, don’t just wait, bite into a few savoury fruits right away.

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